A Blueprint For Success Building the Perfect IS Department

The goal of any company's information systems (IS) department is to serve the business.

The Rebirth of DSM

Some experts believe demand side management (DSM) has taken on new life and is currently being resurrected.

Outsourcing and the Utility Evolve as a Competitive Age Dawns

As the 21st century approaches and then overtakes the present, conjecture over what the new millennium will bring ranges from the banal to the fantastic to the impossible. But one thing is certain: The electric utility business model will change over the next few years, and it will do so at a rapid pace. In the early part of the new century, outsourcing will play a large role in that evolution-both as a result of the various changes and, to some degree, as a cause of them.

GPS in the Nick of Time for Electric Power Distribution

Timing is everything, and not just in show business. With less than perfect timing, jokes fall flat, and an actor's lines are less than convincing. In the power business, customers can be inconvenienced at home and at work by service disruptions. Some situations may even be life-threatening. Then the show does not go on.

Meter Outsourcing Gathers Pace as Markets Deregulate

Large competitive energy supply markets require a number of basic conditions to be met to ensure fair competition between suppliers. In particular, all suppliers must enjoy equal access to the transmission and distribution infrastructure, especially with regard to measurement information. There are two common approaches to unbundling, with widely different consequences for metering outsourcing.

Advanced Generator Control Offers Flexibility at Eglin AFB

When an alarm condition is detected, the control panel at the generator can dial up to two pager numbers by telephone in addition to contacting the GenCom base station.

New Products

The WebGate IRIS (Internet residential information system) provides a two-way communication link between the meter, the utility and the consumer. Two-way communication allows on-demand and scheduled meter reads, programmable interval data collection, outage and tamper detection, remote device control, on-site calculation, remote programming and remote system upgrading. Based on open standards and accessible by standard Internet browsers, the WebGate IRIS can access, manage and publish data to th

SDG&E Unveils Emergency Operations Center

A new Emergency Operations Center will serve as San Diego Gas & Electric's (SDG&E) central command post should a natural disaster or other significant incident impact the area's electric and natural gas systems. The $1.5 million command center will be fully staffed and operational on New Year's Eve to monitor and respond to any operational problems that may occur.

News Briefs

Sempra Energy Information Solutions and Penske Truck Leasing Co. announced a one-year energy information services agreement. Over the next year, Sempra will identify potential cost savings for Penske's leasing and maintenance facilities in 15 Central and Midwestern states. Sempra Energy Information Solutions plans to reduce Penske's energy costs up to 5 percent by auditing, verifying and paying the truck leasing company's 250 monthly utility bills.

Utility.com Takes Step in Bid for New England Customers

Internet utility company Utility.com has gained full participant status from NEPOOL, the New England wholesale electric power pool organization. The affiliation with NEPOOL, combined with individual state licenses, will allow Utility.com to market its services to electricity consumers and businesses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine, said Chris King, Utility.com co-founder and CEO.