Unique Alliance Results in Big Savings at Detroit Edison

Detroit Edison Co. (DECo), like many utilities, had an efficient method of circuit protection, but new thinking and an effort known as the Recloser Team Supply Chain Initiative is improving that circuit protection method and also lowering costs.

CP&L Prepares to Offer Advanced Information Services

In late 1998, Carolina Power & Light Co. (CP&L), Raleigh, N.C., began design and development of a new meter data collection and management system called "Advanced Access & Automation" or A3. The project was initiated to turn a problem into an opportunity.

BC Gas Cleans Up Its Data for GIS

When GIS arrived on the scene some 20 years ago, it was regarded as little more than a broad-brush planning tool with limited sources and applications. Its ability to look at information with a locational component, of course, made it ideal for demographic background research.

DistribuTECH Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Miami Beach

When DistribuTECH 2000 hits Miami Beach in late February/ early March, it will mark the 10th anniversary of the utility industry's leading conference on information technology, distribution automation, competitive business strategies and customer satisfaction.

Sharing Metering and Billing Data Electronically: Is XML the Low-Cost Alternative to EDI?

As the electric utility industry deregulates and its metering and billing functions are opened to competition, numerous disparate entities must aggregate and disseminate revenue cycle information among themselves.

Distributed Generation: Can it Fill the Gap?

The concept of siting relatively small power plants at or close to the end-use customer is becoming increasingly attractive to many utilities.

IPL Moves Toward a Paperless Enterprise

When Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) decided a GIS mapping solution would enable the utility to better serve its 420,000 customers with accurate, up-to-date maps, IPL conducted a feasibility study to determine the best type of system for the company.

Entergy Automates its T&D Line Design

Budget constraints aimed at increasing profitability in the electric utility industry are forcing design engineers to stretch their resources, while at the same time, downsizing is thinning their ranks at some utilities.

New Products

To help reduce communications costs associated with SCADA applications, DCB introduces the X2 Radio-plus Data Modem, a frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio modem.

SCADA/EMS Project Numbers Down in 1999

The latest PennWell report on the U.S. and Canadian SCADA/EMS market shows a decline in the number of SCADA/EMS projects in 1999 as compared with project numbers from the 1997 report.