Fuel Cell Eliminates School System’s Outages

A unique fuel cell system has proved its worth for the computer center at an upstate New York school system. The Onendaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services (OCM BOCES) recently announced that all computer outages associated with normal grid fluctuations have been eliminated at its computer center through the use of a fuel cell system.

New Products

E-MON Corp.'s new online load profiling and energy analysis service, EMONENERGY.COM (www.emonenergy.com), is designed to help users track and analyze their electrical consumption and demand-from a single circuit to an entire facility-using the convenience of the Internet.

Northeast Utilities Uses CRM to Anticipate Customer Needs

Northeast Utilities (NU), based in Berlin, Conn., has grown to become the largest utility service provider in New England and one of the 25 largest in the United States.

SCE Displays its Territory Dynamically

Officials at Southern California Edison's (SCE) Grid Control Center decided it was time for a change.

Using CRM to Target and Retain the Right Customers

Energy companies are subject to continually changing regulatory and market requirements, relatively low profit margins, few cross- or up-selling opportunities, and difficulty in differentiating their own customer service from that of others.

UCA 2.0 for Dummies

Utility Communications Architecture version 2.0 (UCA 2.0trademark) is getting harder to ignore. What once may have appeared as a vague theoretical model promising easier integration and coordinated wide-area schemes is gaining utility and vendor backing at an appreciable rate.

Utilities Race to Internet Billing

Utility companies across the country are introducing a new service that offers once-unimaginable benefits-enhanced customer service, strengthened customer relationships, streamlined billing processes, lowered costs and one-to-one marketing opportunities.