User-Driven, User-Tested CIS/Call Center Development

In today's rapidly evolving energy industry, utilities are feeling the pressure to upgrade their customer information systems (CIS) and call center technologies quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal impact to operations. The reality of industry deregulation and performance-based rate setting has made customer service critical to utilities.

Deploying Utility Software via the ASP Model

The way utilities acquire and manage software solutions could change soon as a new method of software deployment gains favor. Instead of purchasing licensed software and setting up that software on their own local hardware systems, utility companies soon may access remotely hosted software over the Internet.

Re-engineering SCADA Systems for the New Network Environment

Data communications networks are evolving into a new environment for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, an environment that can present significant challenges to systems designers.

Taking AMR to New Heights

Automatic meter reading (AMR) is an efficient way for utilities to gather energy consumption and billing information. AMR has been successful in reducing inaccurate or estimated meter reads, improving billing accuracy, improving customer service and complaint resolution, and reducing costs associated with sending out crews to connect and disconnect customers or obtain special reads.

The Human Factor JET Fuels PG&E

In an era where companies profess to be partners the minute a deal is struck, the very meaning of the term is suspect. That is unless you consider the circumstances that led Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) to forge a partnership and bring a human element to its Job Estimating Tools (JET) development efforts.

New Products

The P200 Xm controller from Perax is able to manage remote automated municipal and industrial networks.


Findings of a new survey suggest that consumers are interested in dealing with their energy suppliers over the Internet, but only half the customers who deal with energy providers over the Internet are satisfied with the results. According to the survey these high-tech households are more critical of their utilities than other consumers.

Is the Utility Industry Ready for Dot-Com?

In the past few months, thousands upon thousands of new dot-com companies have been created. It seems that these companies' ads are everywhere-they can't be escaped. Often, their ads are so vague it is difficult to tell what these companies are all about and exactly what it is they do.

What Will Be Your Next Operating System?

The recent release of Windows 2000, the successor to Microsoft's business-oriented Windows NT, is forcing many people to look again at their operating-system strategy.

Asset Management System Fail The Basics

Utilities are being pressured to maintain reliable, efficient and well supported asset infrastructures. Asset management systems do not meet core requirements of the new operating and economic environment in which utilities find themselves.