Value-added Products and Services What Should Utilities Offer?

For several years, industry experts have been predicting that value-added products and services will be the key to utilities' and energy services providers' (ESPs') success in the competitive market. However, so far, there has been a lot of talk about value-added products and services and little action.

Mobile Computing Moves Beyond Dispatching and Scheduling

Mobile computing is allowing utilities to close the information loop between internal and field operations, giving them a competitive advantage.

Florida Power & Light’s C&I Metering System Gets Smart

The power quality monitoring and notification capabilities of Florida Power & Light's new Smart Meter system should prove beneficial as C&I customers become increasingly reliant on ultra-sensitive equipment.

ComEd Works to Improve T&D System Reliability

Commonwealth Edison is making positive strides with its reliability improvement initiative, but there is still work to be done.

Lightning Dissipation Array Technology Saves Co-op Nearly $1 Million In Equipment Losses

Lee Ayers, system engineer for the Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, a distribution utility in Lexington, S.C., used to live in dread of the region's frequent electrical storms. When the phone rang during these tempests, chances were it was a report of damage from another lightning strike on one of the co-op's substations.


OptiSoft Field Service Edition, a collection of wireless products and services, is designed to help clients extend the capability of their information systems to mobile workers.


The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has awarded a GIS data conversion project to Apex Data Services, a data conversion provider to the utility and government markets. Apex will build a GFramme spatial database from SMUD's electric facilities maps and records and collect field data to supplement existing records.


Thin reserve margins, spot price spikes, transmission and distribution congestion, rotating blackouts, and interregional arbitrage are just some of the challenges of a restructuring power industry. EPRI is helping power providers and their customers understand how to manage risk and increase profitability in these turbulent times, using Internet-based load management systems.

Reliability and Power Quality Demands-Can Wires Companies Meet the Challenge?

While preparing for a presentation I recently delivered, I uncovered some interesting information about future reliability and power quality requirements. I'm sure you're aware that the North American electric transmission system is extremely robust. It enjoys an average availability of better than 99.9 percent. Impressed?

ASPs Offer Alternatives to Technology Investments

For energy service providers (ESPs) and utilities preparing to operate in the open access markets, maneuvering through the new rules and competitive pressures presents daunting challenges. To ensure effective penetration of open access markets, decisions must be made quickly, making speed to market, flexibility and Web-based communications with customers fundamental to the success of next-generation utilities.