Puget Sound Energy Fuses AMR Network with CIS

When Puget Power & Light merged with Washington Natural Gas (WNG) in 1997, the resulting company, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), became one of the largest utility companies in the Northwest, serving 885,000 electric and 500,000 gas customers. With deregulation looming, the merger provided PSE an opportunity to redefine itself and its customer information system (CIS) to meet the demands of the new energy marketplace.

Entergy Finds Help in Shift to Retail

To drive significant change in a company with 12,000 employees and annual revenues of $8.7 billion requires a radical shift in the company's market. With energy market deregulation looming, Entergy faces the immediate challenge of integrating its diverse information systems to transmit, distribute and provide energy for 2.5 million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

MidAmerican Produces More Than Energy; It Generates Satisfied Customers

The utility industry has two major focuses in the new millennium: to deliver power reliably and to keep customers happy. At MidAmerican Energy, these objectives mean providing outstanding energy solutions and becoming extremely responsive to customers' needs.

Utilities Turn to EBPP,But Where Are the Customers?

More than 90 percent of respondents to a recent energy industry survey reported at least considering offering electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) to customers. The percentage of customers currently using EBPP, however, is significantly lower.

What To Look for When Selecting ANSI Protocol Meters

As the industry settles into the new ANSI metering standards and major metering manufacturers develop and introduce ANSI Protocol Meters (APMs), it is important to know how to select the optimum ANSI-compliant metering solution.

Marketing through the Internet: Bricks and Mortar vs. Dot.com

Utilities entering the world of retail competition are quickly learning that their old marketing techniques are far from adequate. A combination of customer choice and the Internet, or more precisely "e-business," are causing havoc in many utility marketing departments.

Two Major Challenges for Utility IT Organizations:Regulatory Treatment of Shared Services and Managing the...

For some time, analysts at META Group's Energy Information Strategies service have recommended a shared services IT structure, which continues to gain ground in the energy industry.

DNP3: Building on Success

In June 2000, Utility Automation magazine published an article that asked: "Is DNP3 the Right Standard for You?" For an overwhelming number of utilities worldwide, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.