Allegheny Power Realizes its Mobile Computing Goals

To stay competitive, a company must continually reinvent itself. Allegheny Power's reinvention began in 1997 when the utility decided to replace its work management, outage management and AM/FM systems simultaneously.

Data Warehouse Adds Power to Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Utility companies nationwide are attempting to gain every possible advantage as they prime themselves to operate in a competitive, deregulated environment.

Thai Utility Begins Installing Large Scope DMS

The Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA) is implementing what is believed to be the largest distribution system automation and management project of its kind ever undertaken. The project will provide PEA with its first ever computer-based distribution dispatching centers.

Billing Systems: Utilities Emerge as Strategic Partners in Key Accounts

For many leading utilities, the top 1 percent of customers-their key accounts-are responsible for as much as 40 percent to 60 percent of their energy sales. For obvious reasons, these key accounts are critically important to a utility's core business. High-consumption, high-revenue customers provide a valuable base load, contributing to a utility's bulk buying power and cash flow.

Prepayment Metering: A Credit to the U.K. Energy Supply Businesses?

As many of the world's energy markets open up to competition or liberalization, utilities are becoming more interested in prepayment systems. For many years, the U.K. energy market has contained a high proportion of prepayment customers in both gas and electricity.

Nordic Marketing Implements Complex C&I Billing Solution

Nordic Marketing is one of the largest independent, non-utility electricity providers to retail customers in Michigan. Nordic supplies power to more than 1,700 large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, including Ameritech, Johnson Controls and Marathon Ashland Petroleum.

New Products

The ION 8300 socket-mount, three-phase billing meter from ABB Electricity Metering performs a range of revenue-accurate power, energy, demand and time-of-use measurements.

Power Control Project to Bolster N.Y. Transmission System

A pioneering power control project at the New York Power Authority's (NYPA's) Frederick R. Clark Energy Center promises to increase the amount of electricity that can be moved reliably over existing transmission lines.

Most Utilities Won’t Follow in California Utilities’ Footsteps, Report Says

Most utility company executives believe their companies will fare better than California's utilities in developing competitive energy markets. This is according to a new Andersen report titled "Energy Crisis in the Western United States: Lessons for Navigating Regulatory and Market Minefields."

News Briefs

ABB Electricity Metering recently announced contracts totaling $2 million from TXU Electric & Gas, Reliant Energy Inc., Xcel and American Electric Power West to supply a combination of ION 8400 and ION 8500 advanced revenue meters.