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Many industry participants are familiar with Moore's Law, the corollary used to measure the pace of computing transformation.

Vermont Utility Improves Service by Integrating Automated Systems

Central Vermont Public Service recently implemented a product suite to integrate outage management, AM/FM/GIS, workforce management and dispatch into a single geospatial solution, making it one of the first major utilities to ever integrate the entire trouble-call/dispatch cycle into one system.

EMS/SCADA Passing Tests in Mexico

To the general public, the transition from the 20th to the 21st century may be remembered as history's most overhyped non-event.

Meter-based Internet Protocol Gateways Bring a New Day to Load Management

Armed with new electric meter-based Internet protocol (IP) gateways, utilities across the country are rediscovering the value of load management as they face uncertain energy supply scenarios in the coming months and years.

Connecting the Disconnected Market

A Smarter Approach to Creating An Efficient Market

The Evolution of AMR: Getting the Horse in Front of the Cart

AMR deployments are slowly but surely becoming more attractive as utilities focus efforts on the commercial and industrial customer segment.

The Residential Energy Gateway

Are Utilities Ready?

Lithium Battery Technology Powers High Performance AMR Devices

Increasingly sophisticated automatic meter reading (AMR) devices require increasingly powerful lithium battery solutions.

New Products

ESRI Press is republishing "GIS for Everyone" in a second edition that includes additional chapters and a companion CD-ROM.


AMRA's July 2001 "Trials & Installations Update" shows automatic meter reading (AMR) activity is on the rise at North American and European energy and water utilities. But while activity is rising, deployments at electric utilities are likely to be small in scale.