CWLP Learns Benefits of UCA-based Substation Automation

City Water Light & Power (CWLP) in Springfield, Ill., holds a unique position in the utility landscape. In the year 2000, CWLP made its first venture into substation automation with the construction of its Spaulding site. When completed in July 2000, Spaulding became one of the first sites in North America to use the Utility Communi-cations Architecture (UCA)-based protocol in a substation environment.

CAD and Mobile Computing Simplify Work Force Management at Washington Gas

Computers have incredible potential for enhancing work force management at utilities. By embracing today's technology, utilities can help employees work much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Data & Technology Needs of Tomorrow’s Field Worker

Rapid technology advancements in the utility industry have opened up opportunities that only a few years ago were a distant dream. Key to capitalizing on these opportunities is the ability to look two to four years down the line and implement technologies that will enable you to propel your business forward.

Protecting the Grid from Cyber Attack Part I: Recognizing Our Vulnerabilities

This two-part series will show how integration and automation engineers can use principles and technologies of information security (InfoSec) to safeguard their systems. Part I describes the increasing risk of electronic intrusion and sabotage, and identifies specific threats and vulnerabilities within electric power control and protection systems.

Conquering the Joint Use Challenge at AEP

While the intent of the Telecommunica-tions Act of 1996 was not to saddle utilities with a burdensome challenge, the result often has manifested itself in just that way. The Telecommunications Act makes it clear that every business that has poles must stand ready to be approached by joint users.

New Products

Data Comm for Business' Conitel BPF is a frame relay access device (FRAD) that allows RTUs and similar devices that use the 31-bit L&N Conitel SCADA protocol to communicate with host receivers over digital frame relay circuits.

Tokyo Electric Completes Handheld Meter Reading System

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the world's largest single-service utility, has successfully implemented a new handheld meter reading system to gather data and provide on-site billing services to more than 26 million TEPCO customers throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Electropaulo Completes GIS Implementation

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Eletropaulo, with its 4.8 million customers and nearly 4,500-square-kilometer service area, has completed its ArcGIS/ArcFM implementation. Eletropaulo is leveraging ArcFM 8, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and Oracle to streamline asset management, improve and expand interdepartmental communications, and expand the reach and accessibility of enterprise-level data.

PECO Hits Halfway Point in Huge AMR Project

The largest automatic meter reading (AMR) deployment in the United States reached its midway point in mid-October as PECO installed the 1 millionth AMR device at a customer site.

News Briefs

Between August and October, Distribution Control Systems Inc. (DCSI) announced a slew of AMR system orders from electric cooperatives.