Multiple Technologies ≠ Multiple HeadachesSouth Central Power Strives for Full Residential AMR

South Central Power (SCP) is like a lot of other power companies, but in some ways, the Ohio-based rural electric cooperative is very different.

Translating Towers of Babel Getting Voice, Web and Data to Speak

For years, utilities fed customer communiques through telephone-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Illinois Power ‘Powers Up’ its Mobile Data System

Illinois Power has witnessed the value of the mobile data terminal (MDT)-not only to its field technicians, but to the company as a whole.

Protecting the Grid from Cyber Attack

Modern configurations of electric power control systems and protection devices are essentially systems of distributed intelligent devices that closely resemble networked computing systems. Figure 1 (pg. 26) shows a typical substation utilizing a multitude of communications protocols.

DistribuTECH 2002 Brings Bright Ideas to Miami Beach

Against a backdrop of neon lights and art deco architecture, the leading conference and exhibition on utility automation and information technology celebrates its 12th anniversary in style.

Distribution Automation, Then and Now

Historically, utility industry practitioners have associated distribution automation (DA) with the real-time data acquisition and control component of the electric utility distribution network.

Preparing For Prosperity

It's tough to sugarcoat the situation--tough to discern the silver lining around those clouds hanging over the financial districts.

New Products

The SEL311L Line Current Differential Relay was developed in response to demand for comprehensive protection and control systems for power transmission grids. The SEL311L relay includes an advanced current differential system and a complete distance and directional overcurrent system.

High-voltage Concerns Brought to Light in Recent Papers

Management of transmission systems, reliability of transmission components and siting of transmission assets are among the high-voltage topics examined in several new studies available via Internet Web sites.

U.K.’s United Utilities Inks GIS Contract

United Utilities of the United Kingdom recently signed a multi-million dollar (U.S.) contract with Autodesk Inc. for the development of a GIS utility solution for its electricity distribution network division, formerly known as Norweb Distribution.