Onramp Closed: Breaking Down the Barriers to DG Interconnection

Much has been written about the opportunities distributed generation (DG) technologies offer the energy marketplace, and how proliferation of these "backyard gensets" will not only alleviate the supply and demand crunch in many regions, but also empower customers by enabling the creation of a true demand-side exchange.

Time-of-Use Plan Benefiting PSE and its Customers

Still nascent in its development, demand-side management is hard at work at utilities like Puget Sound Energy (PSE) through its Personal Energy Management (PEM) program.

CIS Upgrades Favor Function over Flair

Forget all the marketing and sales hoopla. What utility companies want from their customer information systems is functionality that improves customer service and streamlines operations.

Austin Energy Adopts Advanced Metering to Meet Competitive Needs

With energy bills taking an increasingly large bite out of their budgets, companies large and small are scrutinizing operations and looking for ways to control energy costs. That puts pressure on utilities, especially those in deregulated markets, to provide customers with value-added services that enable them to run their operations more efficiently.

What’s your 20?AVL Offers Low-cost, High-benefit Field Force Solution

Location, location, location. The three most important considerations in making a real estate purchase are also critical factors in a utility's management of its mobile assets.

KCP&L Enables DNP by Finding Missing Communication Link

Over the years, Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) has been very successful in its distribution automation projects, realizing significant cost savings and improving service to its customers.

Cost Minimization or Revenue Maximization?

Perched atop the proverbial double-edged sword of decreasing customer care costs while increasing customer service and revenues, utilities find themselves hard pressed to focus on cost minimization and revenue maximization in their strategic planning.

BGE Revitalizes its Legacy Customer Information System

For more than 180 years, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), has supplied power to residents and businesses in central Maryland. BGE is the nation's first gas utility and one of the earliest electric utilities.

New Products

Coherent Networks Inc.'s FastGate Mobile data capture software, which incorporates the data-editing and manipulation features of its parent FastGate gateway product, is designed for use in Pocket PC handheld devices to accelerate collection and maintenance of network data for any GIS, CAD or other asset repository system.

BL&P to Implement New SCADA System

Barbados Light and Power (BL&P) has selected KEMA Consulting to assist in procuring and implementing a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for monitoring and controlling its electric power system.