Data Quality: The Next Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Managing utility assets relies more and more on managing data quality. Mismanagement can lead to catastrophe.

MLGW Puts its Trust in Underground Design Software

If you trust before you try, you may repent before you die - an old proverb that holds a lot of truth. That proverb and the saying "If you believe that, I have oceanfront property in Arizona that I will sell you" came to mind when a sales executive told us he had software that, based on recent customer studies, could save us $150 to $250 per lot on the design and construction of services to a 100-home subdivision.

AMR Has Come a Long Way, Baby

A few of us can still remember when it was legal to have cigarette ads on television. It is amazing how some of those jingles and slogans can be instantly recalled when a trigger causes a flashback. When asked to write about Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and the state of this industry, the words of one of those ads came to mind.

Utility AMR Deployment Numbers Up Significantly

At its most basic level, automatic meter reading (AMR) is the collection of massive numbers of meter readings. The data is exhaustive and repetitive-not what most people would consider "fun." So to suggest that this industry is interesting and "hot" is amazing.

Opening the Gate to New Customer Services

For at least a half century, the promise of "the home of the future" has dangled just outside the realm of practical reality-and quite a ways beyond the average consumer's reach. In the popularly mythologized home of the future, all sorts of smart devices are automated, interconnected and ready to be controlled remotely by busy digital-age homeowners.

New Products

The 9600 meter from Siemens Energy & Automation is a 3-phase power quality meter, Web server, analyzer and controller. It comes pre-configured to provide compliance reporting, 256 samples per cycle waveform recording, sag/swell analysis and more.

$55 Million in GIS & Mobile Computing Projects ID’d

A new market survey conducted by research and consulting firm InfoNetrix has identified $55 million in geographical information systems and mobile computing (GMC) project activity among U.S. and Canadian electric utilities.

Spending on Distribution Increasing, but Reliability Still at Risk

Based on research and analysis completed recently by consulting firm R.J. Rudden Associates Inc., the reliability of the nation's electric distribution system is likely to be put to the test in the future.

International News: ALSTOM Wins Chilean Transmission Contract

A consortium led by ALSTOM has won a 92 million euro turnkey series capacitor system (SCS) contract with TRANSELEC, the main Chilean transmission operator, to strengthen its transmission grid. ALSTOM's share of this contract is 56 million euros.

News Briefs

SchlumbergerSema has signed a real-time energy management contract with Austin Energy. The contract, valued at approximately $30 million over 15 years, includes automation of 123,000 customer meter end-points, purchase of approximately 60,000 new SchlumbergerSema Centron wireless meters and retrofit of 63,000 existing meters with SchlumbergerSema fixed network meter reading technology.