Why Time Ran Out on PSE’s Time of Use Program

There may not have been a better place or a better time in recent history to launch a large-scale time-of-use (TOU) billing program.

SCADA Security: Turning Control and Automation Systems Into Hard Targets

Governments and industries worldwide are evaluating and researching security options for critical infrastructure, and this ongoing review applies to the electric power distribution industry.

Outage Reporting—An Emerging Benefit of Advanced AMR

When a well-known utility first contemplated installation of its advanced automatic meter reading (AMR) network, the usual reasons were given: improved operating efficiencies, error reduction, reduced theft of service and availability of new value-added services.

Work Force Management Unifies Field Operations

Merger and acquisition activity in the utility industry has put tremendous pressure on the field organization to deliver significant improvements.

DistribuTECH 2003 Live in Las Vegas for the First Time

It's a first for DistribuTECH. For 12 years, the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition has been a bicoastal affair, gravitating back and forth from East to West Coast locales.

Ozarks Electric Blends AMR and OMS Functionality

As electric utilities seek to cost-justify automatic meter reading (AMR) system deployments, it's important that they look for value beyond the remote read.

New Products

Available in a temperature-hardened version for utility and SCADA environments, the new Fiber Optic Ethernet Switch from TC Communications supports distances up to 100 km.


EMS Pioneers Win First PJM Technology Award

‘Creative Bookkeeping’ not Exclusive to Energy Trading

Since energy trading is outside the editorial reach of Utility Automation, I missed out on the Enron/Reliant/Dynegy-type scandals and subsequent media circus.

Dare to be Different

What defined successful utilities in the regulated era?