Trouble Call Management: The First Step in Outage Response

When the power goes off and customers, management and the media are demanding answers, will you be able to provide appropriate, accurate information when they want it?

Maximizing Your Investment in CIS

Uncertainty in the utility market has prompted many executives to sharpen their focus on key business decisions, such as driving down costs and enhancing customer care quality.

Prepaid Metering Can Bring Strays Back To Your Fold

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: Prepaid billing—also known as prepaid metering—is not exploding. It's not off the charts. It's not through the roof.

How Speech Recognition can Improve Customer Service

Convenience and personalization are the hallmarks of good customer service, but customers don't often experience both on any given call.

Using Technology to Deliver Superior Customer Service

If any of Newfoundland Power's 220,000 customers had a problem in 1997, they would choose from four listed telephone numbers.

A Look at Current Peer-to-Peer Communications Options

Direct communications between intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) such as relays and recloser controls has emerged as a leading solution as utilities search for opportunities to improve reliability, reduce costs, and provide advanced power solutions for demanding customers. Dubbed peer-to-peer (P2P) communications, the ability of IEDs to share information directly among themselves is a central tenant in industry initiatives such as DV2010 because it offers a number of advantages,

Mutual Assistance: Helping Hands in the Aftermath of a Storm

Will Rogers, Oklahoma's often-quoted favorite son, described the vicissitudes of Midwestern weather patterns well when he said, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute."

New Products

EZDrive and EZDrivePLUS mobile data collectors read R900 RF meter interface units.


Two recent reports find continued, steady growth in utility purchases of automatic meter reading (AMR) technology.

How hard is it to pick up a phone?

I have an old and good friend that I don't call nearly often enough. On the increasingly rare occasion that I do call, I get the same question, right off the bat, nearly every time: "How hard is it to pick up a phone, Steve?"