Shoring Up U.S. Transmission Means Facing FACTS

A dearth of investment in transmission over the course of 20 years—combined with on-again, off-again deregulation and restructuring of the power industry—has left the U.S. transmission system in a state of confusion and relative instability.

Chuck the Graph Paper:GIS and CADD are Here to Stay

Remembering the "good old days" has become a national pastime. We long for the uncluttered suburban homes of the 1950s or even the rock-and-roll freedom of the 1970s.

AMR Growth Continued in 2002, But 2003 is Not So Clear

For the fourth consecutive year, the AMR industry has enjoyed significant growth.

AMR: A Technology Poised for Success

The utility industry has not been known for rapid technological innovation, particularly on the distribution side of the business.

Grant County PUD Keeps Close Watch on Circuit Breakers

As utilities look to cut costs, the industry is moving toward a new approach to maintenance—a predictive approach. At Grant County Public Utility District in Washington state, maintenance costs were a significant expenditure. The utility serves 40,000 customers and has 410 miles of 115-kV and 230-kV transmission lines. Customers are thinly spread over a large area, resulting in a relatively high per-customer maintenance bill for the district.

New Products

The Nexus 1260 revenue meter from Electro Industries/GaugeTech incorporates advanced communication capabilities, including Modbus, DNP 3.0, modem and Ethernet with web serving capability.


Con Edison engineers are studying the future of reliable electricity at the new $10 million Con Edison Cable & Splice Center for Excellence in the Bronx in conjunction with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Lots of News is Good News

Lots of News is Good News Like every other editor at every other trade journal, magazine, newspaper, etc., I read a lot of press releases.

Demand Response: An Essential Element in all Markets

Few will argue against the law of supply and demand, but many seem perplexed by how prices can and should be made visible to electricity consumers.