AMR Proves its Value in Wake of Hurricane Isabel

Forecasters accurately predicted its path, but no one expected the destruction it brought. "It" was Hurricane Isabel.

Salt River Project Expands Power Quality Program

Salt River Project (SRP) is a nearly $2 billion water and electric utility serving more than 800,000 customers in Phoenix, Ariz.

Dispelling Cyber Attack Myths: The First Step in Securing Vulnerable Control Systems

Investments in control system automation and networking are paying off as utilities are able to make better-informed decisions, restore outages faster and accomplish more with smaller staffs.

Preventing Blackouts through Improved Transmission Protection Systems

Effective short-circuit and instability protection systems can do much to prevent cascading outages like the one that occurred in the Northeast on Aug. 14.

Modular Substations: Breaking the Delivery Time Barrier

Traditional substation projects can take anywhere from one to two years from contract signing to completion.

Utilities Can Enhance Bottom Line by Leveraging Non-Operational Data

In the battle to accomplish more with less, many utilities are turning to non-operational data such as fault records, voltage disturbance data, equipment temperature readings and lightning strike information.

Time Stamping

The Model STR-100 Satellite Time Reference from Cyber Sciences Inc. uses GPS technology to provide accurate time and date information for protective relays or power monitors.

Question: What is one action that can—and should— be taken immediately to strengthen the...

Answer: John B. Howe, vice president, electric industry affairs, American Superconductor. "Reactive power imbalances....

ALSTOM T&D Expands Switchgear Factory and Test Lab

ALSTOM recently completed a $5 million expansion to its high-voltage switchgear manufacturing facility in southwest Pennsylvania.

Covering T&D from End to End

Those among you who are regular, observant readers might be wondering what has happened to Utility Automation magazine.