Improving Transmission Performance without Replacing Equipment

Transmission owners are seeing their networks pushed to the limits as never before.

GIS and GPS come down to Earth for Utilities

In most respects, utility managers have brought their businesses into the digital age, and, in so doing, have created essential efficiencies and productivity gains.

Entergy’s Environmentally Friendly Transmission Upgrade

Louisiana's wetlands, which support an amazing range of wildlife and a healthy outdoor recreation industry, are essential to the state's economy.

Distributed Intelligence: A New Solution to Old Reliability Problems

Utilities face a daunting challenge: to provide alternate power sources for an ever-increasing number of power-sensitive customers.

A New Vision for Distribution’s Future

The North American power distribution system performs admirably, supplying power to customers with 99.99 percent reliability.

Underground Distribution: Attractive but Difficult to Justify

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) recently conducted a study and released a report examining the costs and benefits of placing distribution infrastructure underground.

Looking Back on DistribuTECH 2004

During a sunny week in Orlando, more than 3,700 people visited one particularly powerful attraction.

Accuracy in Field Data: How Much is Enough?

When it comes to taking inventory of a utility's field assets—poles, transformers and other T&D equipment—and assessing customer-to-transformer connectivity, conventional wisdom tells us that the more accurate the data is, the better.

New Products

The 9XStream-PKG-UA and 24XStream-PKG-UA. are USB-enabled radio frequency modems that allow testing, monitoring and control of MaxStream wireless systems through a laptop or stationary PC's USB port.


What is one specific innovation or advancement you expect—or hope—to see in power distribution over the next decade?