Electric AMR Market Enters its Second Curve—Autovation

Most people consider the concept of automatic meter reading (AMR) to be a phenomenon of the 1990s. This notion is largely accurate because that is when most installations occurred, but, in actuality, the very first AMR installations began in the 1940s using increasingly popular and available telephone technology.

High-capacity Transmission Cable Comes of Age

Long-promised technology to improve the current-carrying capacity of transmission cable is now being demonstrated and is quickly becoming commercially available.

Vegetation Management: Pay Me Now, or Pay Me More Later

It has become a common practice in recent years for utilities to defer vegetation management plans, figuring that putting off tree pruning and herbicide applications for a few years is a small sacrifice to make to improve the bottom line.

Mobile Solutions Continue to Drive AMR Growth

The good news for automated meter reading (AMR) vendors is that utilities have readily accepted that AMR technology works, and it is, indeed, something almost every utility is considering in at least some sense.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Optimizes Distribution Assets

In February 1996, Oklahoma City's monthly high temperature hit a record of 92 degrees, awakening residential and commercial air conditioning systems throughout the city to cool down the unusually hot temperatures.

Rio Grande Electric Monitors Remote Energy Assets via Satellite

Rio Grande Cooperative (RGEC) in Brackettville, Texas, provides electric service to more than 10,000 meters across Texas and New Mexico.

Demand Response: Smart Thermostats Getting Results at SCE

In California, the state's utility commission and large investor-owned utilities such as Southern California Edison (SCE) have a common interest: ensuring electric reliability.

New Products

Sensus Metering Systems' TriCon Polyphase Meter continues the Sensus strategy of the meter also serving as a communications platform, by employing an open architecture for seamless integration with AMR technology.

Parting Shots

What needs to happen for automatic meter reading technology to become more widely deployed by U.S. utility companies?


Driven by changing end-user needs, many new participants in the utility meter market are focusing on product innovation to capture market share.