Protective Relay Usage Trends

Between the blackout of last August, and the potential for sabotage by those who would do us harm, electric power systems protection and control activities have taken on a renewed sense of urgency.

SRP Empowers Field Force with Mobile Computing

Most power-and-water utility company executives would be delighted to trade their boxes of Pepcid and bottles of Tums for the kind of "problems" facing managers at Arizona-based Salt River Project (SRP).

Managing Your Way out of the T&D Maintenance Squeeze

Utility managers are in a tough spot. At the same time their power lines are being pushed to the limits, they face unrelenting pressure to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

Connexus Energy Field Inspectors Brave the Elements

Within four minutes of exposure to an ambient temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit, the average human hand begins showing signs that all is not well.

Improving Asset Management with Mobile Computing

Locating, reporting and managing the millions of assets that reside in the field has become a daunting challenge for utility companies due to increased regulatory reporting requirements, decreased investment in IT solutions over the past 15 years, and the need to support an aging infrastructure.

Bad Weather vs. Power Reliability Progress Florida Seeks to Normalize Reliability Indices

Reliability indices gauge how well a utility uses incremental resources to benefit its customers.

Care and Feeding: AMR Maintenance for Electric Utilities

Compared to maintaining non-communicating meters, automatic meter reading (AMR) is quite different for most utilities to manage, especially fixed network systems (advanced metering infrastructures).

New Products

The eLAN Universal DNP Gateway, from Bow Networks, combines several of Bow's proven eLAN software modules into an easy-to-configure, off-the-shelf solution to a wide range of DNP communications applications, including data concentration, device proxy server, poll acceleration and many other features.

Parting Shots

"What impact have mobile computing and mobile workforce management technologies had on electric utility companies?"


A new integrated data network in the Eastern power grid is intended to help avoid a repeat of the August 2003 blackout.