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Overheard on the Earnings Calls: Utility CEOs get Candid

Some are obsessing over the response to wildfires on the west coast, winter storms on the upper Atlantic, nuclear power in the south and wind power both onshore and offshore.

ENGIE North America buys Unity International Group

The company was founded in 1947 and has 770 employees

Above and Beyond

There are many applications that are suited for unmanned aerial systems and as the technology and regulations continue to evolve, more capabilities will be realized. FAA regulations currently allow only visual line of sight flights, but many groups are exploring beyond visual line of sight applications for future implementation.

Willdan to implement PSE&G energy efficiency direct install program

This program has a budget of $15 million over three years and provides direct install services throughout PSE&G's service territory

Lally Retiring as PSEG’s VP for Investor Relations

Lally will retire at the end of June as PSEG's vice president-investor relations. She joined in that role in January 2007.

Taking a Punch

In short, both hardening and recovery create more resilient infrastructure and improve the currently elusive goal of "perfect" reliability. Designing new and upgraded power infrastructure with resiliency in mind will take a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders—from investor-owned, municipal and rural cooperative utilities, to regional transmission organizations, market regulators and government entities.


POWERGRID International covers some of the latest projects and initiatives in the electricity delivery business.

Storms smash East Coast on Sandy anniversary, cutting power

Maine and New Hampshire. Connecticut suffered some 150,000 outages with another 200,000 in Rhode Island and Vermont, collectively

PSE&G installs battery system for microgrid project at New Jersey facility

The Caldwell microgrid is part of the New Jersey utility's Solar 4 All program

PJM board authorizes $1 billion in electric transmission projects

Many of the individual projects cost less than $5 million, PJM said