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Expectations, Tempers and Utility Bills Remain High in California

Back during my college days, I had a business law professor who often said that California was the testing ground for many new laws. Since April 1, 1998, California has indeed been the testing ground for electricity deregulation and customer choice. Even though several states have introduced competition and several others are following suit, the focus remains on California.

SCE Applauds CPUC Decisions Reopening Interruptible Programs, Expanding Purchasing Options

Southern California Edison officials applauded two regulatory decisions that may enable the state to better manage electric power shortfalls when demand far exceeds available supply.

SCE Displays its Territory Dynamically

Officials at Southern California Edison's (SCE) Grid Control Center decided it was time for a change.

Dynegy enters Fla. merchant market: Dynegy Inc. is developing a 500 MW, gas-fired peaking...

Dynegy enters Fla. merchant market: Dynegy Inc. is developing a 500 MW, gas-fired peaking plant in Osceola County, near Orlando, Fla. Power from the Palmetto project is expected to be sold in Florida`s wholesale electric market when startup begins in the summer of 2002. Three gas turbines, operating in simple-cycle mode, are expected to burn gas delivered by the Florida Gas Transmission pipeline, and supply power through a 230 kV interconnection with Florida Power and FP&L transmission networks.

SCE&G Turns on the Power of Integrated Customer Service Delivery

The response to Hurricane Hugo, perhaps more than any other single event, best exemplifies South Carolina Electric & Gas` (SCE&G`s) story during its first 150 years. On the night of Sept. 21, 1989, the eye of this Category 4 storm came ashore at Charleston, S.C., where SCE&G, a major gas and electric utility in the southeastern United States and a SCANA Corp. company, began in 1846. With winds approaching 150 miles per hour, Hugo destroyed in hours an electric delivery system that took a hundred

California Utilities Sue to Halt Deregulation Challenge

A coalition of California`s investor-owned utilities and business groups filed a lawsuit to stop a ballot initiative aimed at overturning parts of the state`s 1996 electricity deregulation law. The coalition said in a statement the costly voter initiative violates the state constitution because it interferes with a bond issue and attempts to override provisions that control public utilities. Under the state plan, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and Enova Corp. were allowed

GIS Brings SCE&G to the Technological Forefront

Utilities these days have some tough facts to face. Deregulation, already beginning to take shape in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and a few other states, is an idea soon to become a reality across the country. And it will change everything we know about today`s $210 billion retail electric utility market.

Fiber-Optic Transceiver

The new SEL-2815 fiber-optic transceiver from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories allows utilities to send serial data at distances up to 15 km. It is built around VCSEL technology, which provides component isolation, low power consumption and simplicity of use. The SEL-2815 is powered by EIA-232 ports, with ST connectors that provide the flexibility to select the fiber that best fits the design requirements. It is also SCE/DTE switch selectable, eliminating the need for adapters.

Two-Way Transceiver

The Creatalinks flex two-way transceiver from Motorola is ideal for telemetry applications in the utility industry. It operates on an existing Flex two-way paging infrastructure and allows the utility to transmit and receive moderate length data messages. The transceiver is useful in AMR since it has broadcast, group and individual capabilities. The unit is compact, is available with either an internal or external antenna and has serial TTL interface, RJ-12 connector and CLP serial data protocol

New LED Lamps Replace Incandescents

New, high-intensity, wide-angle LED lamps in red, amber and green are designed to replace the most common, slide-based incandescent bulbs used in control panels. DDP 24L4 X1 will work in the GE ET-5, ET-6 or Westinghouse Minalite sockets.