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Entries and exits signal strategic shifts

When Entergy Corp. acquired London Electricity in early 1997 for $2.1 billion, the New Orleans utility didn`t expect it would sell the British distributor two years later. But that`s precisely what happened in early December, with Entergy turning a tidy $860 million profit.

PG&E branding penalty sparks debate

The California Public Utilities Commission`s (CPUC) $1.68 million fine against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) delves into one of the touchiest controversies in the electric industry`s new competitive arena-brand name use by unregulated affiliates.

San Diego Operates Inbound

California`s passage of Assembly Bill 1890, with its restructuring provisions including Direct Access implementation and 10 percent mass market rate reduction requirements, provided San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) with reason to seek a cost-effective means of complying with requirements. To participate in a direct-access program, hourly consumption data must be available on a daily basis. SDG&E has installed International Teldata data-logging telemetry interface units at 30 residential and comm