Why security and openness are key to driving value from smart utilities

From the ashes of a potentially catastrophic event, global providers are already plotting the way to a brighter future —using smart technology to reduce costs, streamline processes and meet sustainability goals. The key going forward will be to align on open, interoperable platforms that offer security, reliability and predictability.

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How Smart Utilities are Using IoT to Enable Smart Cities and Plan for a...

This webinar will explore how utilities are planning for and developing eco-friendly infrastructure. It will present drivers of smart city initiatives and the essential...

Microgrids: The Future of Energy in Healthcare

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In the United States, our grid infrastructure is aging.
How do ensure organizations that are critical to public well-being are protected? Enter Microgrids

How to Build a Low Power, Secure Smart Metering Solution

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Water conservation, recapturing lost revenue from leaks and theft, and reducing utility operating costs are key benefits of a smart metering solution. Governments and utilities need reliable, long-lasting solutions.

Thousands of PG&E customers now restored after severe windstorm and PSPS event

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) crews continue to patrol and inspect powerlines, and make any necessary repairs, after a strong windstorm interrupted electric...

Fire official: Arcing power lines caused big Reno brush fire

Satellite imagery and surveillance video from a casino roof 5 miles (8 kilometers) away helped pinpoint arcing power lines in gale force winds as the cause of a November brush fire that destroyed five Reno homes and damaged two dozen others, investigators said Tuesday

City of Columbus, Ohio upgrades to smart utility network for water and electricity

The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities has a long history of superior customer service dating back to 1871 and its first drinking water treatment...

California heat, poor planning led to August power outages

Energy regulators on Wednesday last week blamed blackouts last summer that affected hundreds of thousands of Californians on poor planning, electrical market problems and an extreme heat wave that blanketed the West.

Grid modernization and energy storage in focus this week: Join us!

As DER proliferate along the grid, utilities must modernize how they deliver electricity. Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Private LTE networks, Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Behind-the-meter...

Court puts halt on construction of $1B Maine power corridor

A federal appeals court has halted construction of a $1 billion power transmission line corridor through Maine to give conservation groups time to make their case against the project.

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