3-GIS offers utility incident management tool

3-GIS, headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, offers an incident management component with its 3-GIS Network Solutions.

In April 2011, after dozens of tornadic storms left widespread devastation across the southern U.S., 3-GIS Network Solutions were used to assist the Jefferson County (Alabama) Emergency Management Agency (JCEMA) in their incident management efforts.

Designed to serve an electric utility’s incident management and damage assessment business needs, 3-GIS Network Solutions provide a toolset to adapt and fulfill all of the data collection and office side analysis required when a utility is facing a critical outage situation.

Leveraging a utility’s existing GIS repository, the 3-GIS Network Solutions incident management extension provides both a web-based office management tool and field data collection tool.

On the office side, 3-GIS Web provides a browser-based data viewing tool with full analysis and reporting capabilities. Through 3-GIS Web, an office user can both view GIS asset information, overlay outage information from a SCADA, OMS or DMS solution, then assign work to a particular crew to determine the exact damage locations.

In the field, a crew may use a variety of tablets to download work assignments and perform an asset of damage along a feeder. 3-GIS Mobile, with full integration with GPS, is equipped to allow a crew to efficiently capture damage locations, materials required, and photos of the impacted area. The user is able to mark assigned work as completed to assist in progress tracking.

Also, as work is performed, the location information may be updated accordingly. When this work is saved back to the central repository, office workers can then perform both spatial and tabular analysis to optimally allocate resources to address the problem areas. Management reports may be generated to effectively communicate storm damage status and progress throughout the company.

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