3-GIS to release Transmission Inspection and Maintenance System 5.1

Charlotte, N.C., January 19, 2012 — 3-GIS, a GIS software solutions company based in Decatur, Alabama, will release Version 5.1 of the Transmission Inspection and Maintenance System, a solution that provides precise graphic depiction of electric transmission equipment so accurate maintenance records can be created, collected and maintained.

Originally created by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), TIMS allows utilities to locate, record and report transmission line and structure conditions easily and accurately. In the field, TIMS’s structure rendering allows an inspector to note precisely where on a structure an issue is located.

In addition, TIMS allows for the capture of images in the field and the recording of additional structure information. In the office, TIMS provides a supervisor with numerous tools to assist in the management of the reported conditions.

TIMS is also equipped with pre-formatted reports to meet regulatory compliance and automate inspection records management. In version 5.1, TIMS has been enhanced with numerous productivity upgrades and verified to work on the Windows 7 operating system.


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