About 228,650 substations prime for automation as smart grid operations grow

New York City, May 19, 2011 — Nations are prioritizing their efforts to revitalize their decaying electric infrastructure by focusing on much-needed upgrades to their substations and ensuring these structures can be seamlessly connected to the smart grid, according to market research publisher SBI Energy.

In a new study, The Global Substation Automation Products Market, SBI notes that upgrades to established substations are accelerating in the U.S. U.K., France, Japan and China.

These countries are employing the burgeoning industry of substation automation, which involves a multitude of devices and technologies. This trend toward substation automation affects the growth in smart substation products sales based on three dominant design markets: retrofit, new and future.

Retrofitting established substations architecture involves installation of modernized communication protocols, IEDs, and operating standards, to established substation designs. In the retrofit model, emphasis is placed on using wireless and fiber communication when adding new equipment.

New substation design approach involves the purchase and use of best-of-breed smart substation apparatus for monitoring and control of electricity and integration into the smart grid. It assumes a new layout of substation equipment that leverages innovative options for merging the established power grid to the infrastructure required for monitoring and control.

Future field automated substation design leverages next-generation tools, technologies and protocols for efficient integration to smart grid infrastructures. Two technologies gaining momentum in this approach are high temperature superconductors and solid state transformers.

The collective market for the three substation automation systems designs is expected to be $90 billion by 2015.

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