Alstom, Ampacimon join to help electric utilities optimize their grids

Alstom and Ampacimon signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to jointly deliver electric utility solutions to safely increase the power flowing through existing overhead lines of the grid, unlocking additional capacity previously unavailable.

The agreement provides a framework for combining Alstom Grid’s market leading e-terra 3.0 suite of control room software solutions with Ampacimon’s Dynamic Line Rating technology, thereby enabling operators to safely increase the usable capacity of their transmission grid.

By monitoring their overhead lines in real-time, operators will increase visibility of their networks to help increase load while at the same time prevent overloading and detect line issues, such as icing.

Ampacimon’s system uses autonomous vibration monitors to acquire data on the actual behavior of the overhead lines, measuring sag as well as actual ambient condition to determine the maximum allowable load and also detect icing. This data is then transmitted to Alstom Grid’s e-terraplatform 3.0 energy management system at the dispatching control center where it is incorporated into the operators’ network view.

Ampacimon’s DLR system does not require any set parameters and is not calibrated to a specific type of line, making it reliable for both new and existing transmission lines from 63 kV to 765 kV. The system provides real-time ratings & sag as well as forecasted values up to several days ahead.


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