AMSC D-VAR to enhance grid reliability in China

American Superconductor (AMSC), a global solutions provider serving the wind energy and power grid sectors, won an order for a D-VAR reactive compensation solution from Xiamen Red Phase Instruments Inc.

This is the third order that AMSC has received from Red Phase. The new D-VAR system, which was shipped in late 2012, is now being used to resolve power quality issues for China Southern Power Grid.

Red Phase will install the D-VAR STATCOM system in a 110 kV substation in the Yunnan province of China. The D-VAR system is being used to connect a 35kV bus line to the substation while regulating voltage, mitigating transient voltage deviations, ensuring high power quality and improving grid stability.

D-VAR dynamic reactive compensation systems are classified as Static Compensators, or STATCOMs, a member of the FACTS (Flexible AC-Transmission System) family of power electronic solutions for alternating current (AC) power grids.

AMSC’s D-VAR solutions are able to detect and instantaneously compensate for voltage disturbances by dynamically injecting leading or lagging reactive power into the power grid. AMSC has received orders for over 100 STATCOM power grid solutions worldwide. The company’s D-VAR STATCOM customers include more than 20 power grid operators worldwide.

Red Phase is involved in energy metering and testing, power quality detection, monitoring, substation and power system operation testing (monitoring) equipment, electrical product research and development, production and sales.

Founded in 1987, American Superconductor has its headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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