Autodesk strengthens GIS, mapping, and infrastructure management software

San Rafael, Calif., Oct. 2, 2002 — Autodesk Inc., a design software and digital content company, announced Autodesk Map 6, a new version of the company’s software for map creation and maintenance.

The application serves as the foundation for Autodesk’s suite of mapping software, the Autodesk Map Series 6. The Map Series combines Map 6, Autodesk Raster Design 3, and the new version of Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7.

The Autodesk Map Series is an affordably priced and tightly integrated suite of powerful mapping and design software for GIS, mapping, and infrastructure management professionals to create, maintain, integrate, and present maps. The series combines proven technology into a single suite of software that addresses all parts of the mapping workflow including data creation, maintenance, analysis, and presentation to maximize the value of the data.

Available through the Autodesk Subscription Program, Autodesk Map Series users benefit from simplified purchase and management of software licenses. The subscription program also provides predictable annual costs, making it easier to budget; and delivers new functionality in extensions as soon as they are released, helping to minimize upgrade disruptions.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to produce better quality work more efficiently, but they also want to use technology to improve their business processes,” said Larry Diamond, vice president of Autodesk’s GIS Solutions Division. “The Autodesk Map Series allows the business user to utilize mapping and spatial data in their daily jobs to help them make smarter, more informed decisions.”

Autodesk Map Series Components

Autodesk Map Series 6 is comprised of three applications: Autodesk Map 6 for map creation and maintenance; Autodesk OnSite Desktop for easy desktop visualization, analysis, and presentation of 2D and 3D spatial data; and Autodesk Raster Design 3 for integrating paper-based drawings and raster imagery into the digital design process.

Autodesk Map 6 (New)

Autodesk Map 6 provides mapping and GIS professionals with sophisticated and powerful new features to reduce data redundancy and errors as well as more efficiently and accurately create, maintain, and analyze maps for a wide array of projects. More than 160,000 customers use Autodesk Map for projects including mapping subdivisions, designing and analyzing physical assets such as electric utility networks, maintaining map books for telecommunications, and almost any project requiring digital mapping and powerful GIS analysis.

Autodesk Map 6 can operate as a stand-alone mapping tool or serve as an important part of a complete GIS workflow solution helping customers extend critical information from the back office to the front office-keeping their mapping and design data in digital form throughout the design process. In addition, the mapping data created and maintained using Autodesk Map 6 can be accessed at the point of work over the Internet, an intranet, or a handheld device via Autodesk MapGuide and Autodesk OnSite View or Autodesk OnSite Enterprise, each sold separately.

Following are some of the key new features and benefits of Autodesk Map 6:
* Classification-Assign specific properties (road, river, etc.) to objects making it easier to manage and analyze drawing files
* COGO-Create highly accurate maps quickly using familiar terminology and concepts
* Annotation-Define annotation templates based on text properties and expressions improves communication inside maps without having to query
* Advanced Oracle Spatial-Improved integration enables users to take full advantage of key new functions in Oracle9i Database including R-tree indexing and index partitioning
* Polygon Object-Full support for Oracle Polygon Geometry delivers direct mapping and round-tripping fidelity between Autodesk Map and Oracle geometries

Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7 (New)

Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7, built on Microsoft’s .NET technology, is an application designed to extend an organization’s investment in spatial data. The software makes it possible for a wide range of users to be involved in the design process in order to integrate, visualize, query, and present spatial data for new uses. OnSite Desktop 7 integrates and visualizes live vector and raster data from multiple sources into a single, simple interface enabling users to easily visualize and query data to help reveal trends and patterns such as customer and marketplace demographics, or to manage physical infrastructures.

Following are new key features and benefits of Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7:
* Workflow Enhancements-Share project data more easily, customize the user interface, and edit markup objects after they are written onto the map
* 3D Visualization-View 3D terrain data with LandXML or raster data over image for clearly demonstrating potential impact of a proposed design with animation
* Data Formats-Support for LandXML and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data to accurately and efficiently pass data between various phases of a project
* Reporting-Utility that uses style sheets for easy report creation on roads, parcels, points, surface models, and pipes
* Application Programming Interface (API)-Based on .NET technology, the API enables developers to customize the software to meet specific needs

Autodesk Raster Design 3

Autodesk Raster Design helps designers in these industries manage two of the most difficult challenges they face: integrating legacy and paper-based drawings and photos (aerial/satellite imagery) into the digital design process and keeping the data in a digital format throughout the workflow. Key features in Autodesk Raster Design include optical character recognition (OCR), color palette controls, tonal adjustments, and rubber sheeting, helping users eliminate the time-intensive need to digitally re-create drawings from scratch.

Autodesk Raster Design’s powerful image-editing tools make it easier than ever to edit any text in the image, correct image distortion and detail problems, and convert images into formats that can be easily integrated into the design process. These capabilities help designers spend less time editing and re-creating drawings, instead allowing them to focus their efforts on the design project at hand.


The Autodesk Map Series 6 and Autodesk OnSite Desktop 7 are expected to be available in October in international English. Autodesk Map 6 and Autodesk Raster Design 3 are currently available worldwide. Purchase of the Autodesk Map Series includes a one-year enrollment in the Autodesk Subscription Program, where available. This yearly maintenance program is an alternative approach to most major product upgrades, providing licensed users with incremental, feature-enhancing Autodesk extensions that boost functionality. The program also provides downloadable e-Learning courses and optional direct online support. For further information on the Autodesk Subscription Program, visit

About Autodesk
Founded in 1982, Autodesk, Inc., is a leading design software and digital content company. Autodesk offers solutions for professionals in building design, geographic information systems, manufacturing, digital media, and wireless data services. By delivering progressive products and services, Autodesk helps customers create, manage, use and maximize the value of their digital data throughout the lifecycle of their projects. For more information about the company, see

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