Battelle releases software for transmission grid planning

Battelle is now offering the latest version of HELM Flow transmission grid planning software, which provides even more insights to cases near/beyond voltage collapse.

It takes the guesswork out of transmission planning and diagnostics and allows industry users to quickly analyze highly complex transmission networks and pinpoint the critical variables that have the greatest impact on performance.

Developed by Gridquant Inc. and distributed by Battelle, HELM Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for transmission planners. Problems that used to take several weeks now can be solved in a matter of hours. It allows users to assess grid conditions and compute the critical grid operational parameters (such as PV/QV curves) even up to the point of voltage collapse.

During the past decade, Battelle experts have worked on grid problems for a variety of government and commercial clients to ensure that grid solutions of the highest standards are developed. With HELM Flow, users can gain insights into transmission grid planning problems.

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