Beijing research center using Intergraph geospatial technology

Huntsville, Ala., September 1, 2010 — Beijing Power Information Technology Research Center, based in Beijing, has selected Intergraph G/Technology and GeoMedia WebMap to improve its smart grid operations.

The technology will be used to support power grid design, centrally manage the lifecycle of power grid assets and enhance decision making through real-time monitoring and alarming. With these functions, the utility will improve grid security, safety and reliability while increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

Recent developments in China have resulted in the need for increased reliability, fewer power outages and lower costs for electricity. Suppliers are being urged to develop networks that can resist natural disasters and destruction from external forces, boast high levels of reliability, security and availability, save costs and ensure safety.

Intergraph‘s G/Technology infrastructure management solution is a feature-rich, open and scalable geospatial application platform designed to meet the unique needs of utilities and communications companies.

In addition to centrally managing geospatial data, the solution will also enable Beijing Power Information Technology Research Center to easily share the data via Intergraph GeoMedia WebMap.

By providing easy access to data from G/Technology and third-party GIS platforms, GeoMedia WebMap makes it easy to distribute critical spatial information via simple Web clients.

“The integration of key asset data into a unified Intergraph platform is crucial for our future success,” said President Wu Kehe with Beijing Power Information Technology Research Center. “By providing a clear picture of the current state of the power grid, and allowing us to integrate, optimize and share resources, the system eliminates redundancies and errors while increasing productivity. Through centralized infrastructure management and real-time monitoring of assets, the Intergraph solution will help ensure the stable, uninterrupted operation of our grid.”

“Powerful, geospatial-based asset management systems serve as the data foundation for enabling smarter, more intelligent grids,” said Tony DiMarco, executive director of Global Utilities & Communications for Intergraph. “The Intergraph solution will enable Beijing Power Information Technology Research Center to achieve a more reliable, efficient power grid through centralized monitoring and management of infrastructure and assets. Bringing key data together into an integrated, spatially-enabled view can lead to dramatic improvements in operations and significant cost savings through increased efficiency and a reduction in the monetary losses associated with outages.”

Beijing Power Information Technology Research Center is a key engineering research center of North China Electric Power University, mainly focused on intelligent power software, power plants, integrated information systems, intelligent grid security and ERP. North China Electric Power University is a member of the Intergraph Education Program, which provides support and technology to educational institutions for applied research activities.



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