BPL Global launches monitor for distribution transformers

Pittsburgh, March 17, 2011 – BPL Global, Ltd. announced a solution for improving distribution transformer fleet reliability.

The Serveron Model TM1 On-line Transformer Monitor is the most economical transformer dissolved gas analysis (DGA) condition warning solution ever offered.

It provides continuous DGA monitoring of hydrogen gas along with the accurate and timely alarm capability needed to maintain reliability of distribution transformers.

The latest addition to the market leading family of transformer monitors, the Serveron Model TM1 On-line Transformer Monitor offers a price/performance point in on-line DGA.

For the first time, the benefits of on-line condition monitoring can be realized across the distribution transformer fleet. Hydrogen gas buildup in transformer oil is an early indicator of incipient transformer faults.

The Serveron TM1 continuously monitors hydrogen PPM Levels and can be programmed to alarm based on PPM Levels and/or rate of change, warning operators of potentially disruptive transformer faults and pending failures. Optional moisture-in-oil and oil temperature measurements will also be available.

Now with three models, the Serveron TM8, TM3 and TM1, BPLG offers electric utilities transformer monitoring solutions across the entire power transformer fleet. The TM Series of transformer monitors measure the levels of dissolved gases in the insulating oil of power transformers.

By accurately detecting trace levels of these gases, the monitors assist utilities in achieving the highest levels of safe power transformer operation. Utilities benefit by receiving more timely information on conditions that could lead to catastrophic failure.

Continuous oil sampling and superior accuracy by the Serveron TM Series Monitors significantly reduce the likelihood of unplanned outages, lower maintenance costs and defer capital expenditures by extending transformer life.

Reliable energy flow is paramount and transformers are critical, and some of the costliest, assets in the electrical network. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of transformer oil is the best indicator of a transformer’s overall condition.

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