Brazilian utilities Copel, Eletrosul, build transmission ‘ring’

Brazilian utilities Eletrosul and Copel have completed work on a transmission ‘ring’ that they say reinforces power supply to the country’s south, according to Business News Americas.

The project was concluded with the opening of the 90-mile Cascavel Oeste-Umuarama extension in Paraná state, according to a statement by Eletrosul.

The final 230 kV line includes 367 transmission towers, crossing the municipalities of Alto Piquiri, Cafelàƒ-ndia, Cascavel, Formosa do Oeste, Iracema do Oeste, Jesuàƒ­tas, Nova Aurora, Perobal, Santa Tereza do Oeste and Umuarama.

Investment in the extension totaled $36 million.

“This reinforces the south-southeast interconnection… and concludes a supply ring that guarantees transmission from several directions,” Eletrosul said.

The Cascavel Oeste-Umuarama line was built by the Costa Oeste Energia consortium, in which Copel owns 51 percent and Eletrosul 49 percent.

Work also included an expansion of the Cascavel Oeste substation and a new 300 MVA substation at Umuarama Sul.

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