BT, Rajant Corp. agreement to bring global networks to utilities

Communications services firm BT and wireless network technology provider Rajant, announced a global framework agreement that will take BT’s global network coverage deeper into the industrial operations of customers.

The companies said this agreement will enable organizations to connect and gather data from thousands of devices such as sensors, autonomous vehicles, industrial machinery, high-definition cameras, VoIP systems and others to their corporate networks and data centers.

As businesses take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver efficiency and automation, the importance of a secure, resilient and adaptive network with no single point of failure, especially in industrial operations, is critical – since downtime may be counted in millions of dollars an hour.

“Our agreement with Rajant enables us to further extend the reach of our network deeper into our customers’ operations,” said Hubertus von Roenne, vice president, Global Industry Practices, BT. “This means that our customers with devices located in production lines, and in remote areas, such as mines, oil rigs and other industrial sites, can bring more of their equipment and devices online and thus leverage the industrial IoT to improve performance and competitive advantage.”

Rajant makes mobile, scalable kinetic wireless mesh network technology, which provides an always-on communications network so critical applications can be accessed in real time.

In addition to its kinetic mesh products and services, Rajant also will provide global training, joint sales and marketing initiatives, and product demonstration in this agreement.

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