Bundled Managed Services

Itron TOTAL takes the company’s existing capabilities in metering, communications, data management, analysis and professional services and packages them all together in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure with complete managed services. Itron manages all aspects of a utility’s data collection system and operations, offloading the burden of day-to-day management tasks and freeing utility staff to focus on gaining more benefits and capabilities from their systems. The offering’s predictable cost model allows utilities to deploy advanced technology and services at their own pace, whether they are looking for surgical deployments or a complete system upgrade. Utilities receive faster access to the full breadth and depth of Itron’s products and services and can capitalize on Itron’s security and advanced monitoring capabilities. With the bundled managed services offering, the utility owns the hardware and Itron manages all network communications, system operations, data delivery, data collection and reporting, basic meter data management and network management. Utilities can add more functionality such as analytics, field installation and maintenance options, distribution automation, consumer engagement and other advanced AMI functionality.


Advanced Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric’s Masterpact Circuit Breakers are a direct replacement modernization solution for customers with an installed base of DS-type circuit breakers. Upgrading with Masterpact Circuit Breakers enables facility managers to improve energy management while enhancing safety, productivity and electrical system reliability. A direct replacement modernization solution reduces downtime for installation compared with other new equipment because there is little to no downtime on the equipment bus. Using the Masterpact Circuit Breaker also lowers maintenance and operating expenses. Additional direct replacement designs are available for most manufacturers’ circuit breakers.

Schneider Electric

Stringing Equipment

Stringing Equipment

Condux Tesmec Inc.’s comprehensive line of T&D stringing equipment includes hydraulic pullers, tensioners and puller-tensioners with advanced features such as negative self-acting hydraulic brakes, integrated hydraulic dynamometers, hydraulic cooling systems and complete user controls. Condux Tesmec offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of conductor blocks on the market, including single conductor blocks through six bundle blocks, single helicopter blocks and bundle blocks, and the newest 2-3 bundle 32-inch helicopter blocks. Productivity-enhancing conductor stringing tools and accessories also are available, including anti-twist rope, reel winders and reel stands.

Condux Tesmec Inc.

Controlled Descent Device

3M has expanded its personal safety portfolio to include a new controlled descent device for escape and rescue at height called the 3M and DEUS Escape and Rescue System. The system enables workers to steadily descend from heights up to 590 feet and is an all-purpose rescue solution. The entire system weighs less than 3 pounds and is easy to use. In addition, the system can facilitate the rescue of multiple workers in a short time. The system is available with two controlled descent device options: the 3300 device and the 3700 device. The 3300 device allows for rescue from heights up to 350 feet at a descent rate of 9.8 feet per second. The 3700 device has been third-party tested and certified to the American National Standards Institute standard and offers users a descent rate of 6.6 feet per second from heights up to 590 feet.


Energy Storage Grid-tied Inverters

Eaton’s 2- and 2.25-MW Power Xpert energy storage grid-tied inverters increase electrical resiliency in utility-scale applications. The inverter works with various battery chemistries to store and transmit power when needed. The robust inverter design also helps provide precise power ramp rate control and frequency regulation to enhance the reliability of electrical power transmission and distribution. The Power Xpert storage inverter can deliver a reliable power supply of up to 2 or 2.25 MW with a 150 percent overload rating. Providing rapid system response, the Power Xpert energy storage inverter can mitigate frequency changes by pushing and pulling power into the grid in fewer than 8 milliseconds. The Power Xpert storage inverter can provide VAR support for full 360-degree power factor and power control to accommodate line voltage and frequency sags or surges. The inverter also provides true low-voltage and frequency variation ride through to accommodate online operation on soft grid connections.


Smart Tensiometer

Smart Tensiometer

With Southwire’s Smart Tensiometer, electrical contractors can obtain rope tension, pulling speed, pull distance and sidewall pressure data via a wireless connection, which allows contractors to save pulling data to onboard memory, create reports and send information immediately. Using wireless technology, pulling data can be streamed directly to computers, smart phones and tablets for viewing in graph format, enabling contractors to analyze data in real time on the unit display or the contractor’s wireless device. The new Southwire Smart Tensiometer also enables contractors to use pull data to generate reports that include automatic date and time stamps. The information then can be emailed as a PDF or Excel file. The Southwire Smart Tensiometer display unit can automatically store up to 16 gigabytes of data. The Southwire Smart Tensiometer also boasts a USB port on the display unit, which allows contractors to upload data onto a flash drive. The Tensiometer’s display unit and load sensing unit pair wirelessly and automatically. The load sensing unit has been designed to easily attach to any MAXIS cable puller in less than a minute through hitch pins, and the unit is calibrated up to 10,000 pounds with most pulling rope sizes. Contractors can name each pull, input the parameters of the pull, enter rope size and set the tension limit. In addition, the display unit will flash an alert if the maximum tension is about to be exceeded.

Southwire Co. LLC

Mobile Voltage Transformer Testing

Mobile Voltage Transformer Testing

Omicron’s new VOTANO 100 is the first voltage transformer testing and calibration system to combine mobility (total weight less than 33 pounds) with the highest level of accuracy (precise calibration of voltage transformers with class 0.1). With its software-guided measurement, VOTANO 100 can test protection and metering voltage transformers in less than 20 minutes. In a single pass, winding resistance, short-circuit impedances, transformation ratio and the magnetic characteristics curve of inductive and capacitive voltage transformers are determined. During this process, VOTANO 100 assesses voltage transformers with up to five secondary windings—both for no-load and standard load operating conditions. VOTANO 100 achieves measurement tolerances of 0.02 to 0.05 percent. This allows voltage transformers with class 0.1 accuracy to be precisely calibrated on site with regard to their transformation ratio and phase error.


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