CES, Stoner form alliance, win EnergyUnited deal

ATLANTA, Jan. 28, 2002 – CES International, a developer of operations-management software for utilities, has forged an alliance with Advantica Stoner, a provider of software and services to energy and water delivery companies.

CES International and Advantica Stoner also announced a contract with North Carolina electrical utility EnergyUnited. Advantica Stoner is installing an ESRI geographic information system, while CES International is delivering its operations resource management system, Centricity.

The CES International-Advantica Stoner alliance is expected to mature into a full channel partnership, with Advantica Stoner offering its products and services to CES International’s utility customers, primarily in mid- and small-sized electric markets, while CES International offers its Centricity system to Advantica Stoner’s more than 600 customers worldwide.

With this alliance, CES International strengthens its reach to the mid- and small-sized electrical utility market. CES International announced two alliances in late 2001 – one with Hunt Technologies, the other with Advanced Control Systems – that also strengthened the company’s position in these markets. CES International has traditionally focused on large electrical utilities.

“As we began working on the EnergyUnited project, the synergies between CES International and Advantica Stoner became readily apparent,” said Don McDonnell, vice president of marketing and alliances for CES International. “We decided that a more formal relationship would benefit us both, so we’re very excited about the mutual benefits this alliance will yield.”

“The potential benefit to electric utilities of our partnering as a services provider with CES became apparent as we worked together to address the solution needs of EnergyUnited,” said Tom Coolidge, senior vice president of client relations for Advantica Stoner. “We are excited about our two companies working together more often and more closely to better meet the operations management needs of electric utilities.”

For EnergyUnited, the Centricity and GIS systems will help the utility streamline and automate the process of fielding customer calls, dispatching repair crews and managing crews while they restore electrical power. In addition, Centricity analyzes operating data, which will help EnergyUnited improve routine network operations and better predict and head off potential failures in its distribution systems.

“EnergyUnited will take a technological leap forward with the implementation of the CES product,” said Joe Leach, vice president of engineering and operations for EnergyUnited. “The Centricity product will allow us to tie together many systems including our customer information, SCADA, IVR and automated outage notification systems. Currently our dispatchers manually gather and analyze all of this information from the individual systems. But with the Centricity product in place, they will be able to evaluate resource needs and respond more efficiently to outages. The results will be shortened outage times and improved customer service. It will also allow us to deliver more accurate and detailed information back to our customers so they can be better informed during an outage event.

“Another major benefit will be the ability to better analyze outages after the fact,” Leach said. “Since the system stores a wealth of information concerning response time, cause of outage and steps taken during the restoration effort, we hope to be able to improve our outage process and construction practices to reduce the length and number of outages in the future.”

About Advantica Stoner

Advantica Stoner specializes in helping clients make operationally sound decisions to achieve their business vision. Advantica Stoner’s solutions improve clients’ knowledge of network performance and customer behavior, providing the foundations for direct improvement of financial performance, operational efficiency, customer service and regulatory compliance. energy and water delivery companies are working with Advantica Stoner to implement integrated solutions, allowing them to rapidly determine, distribute and act on network performance knowledge. The company’s SolutioneeringĀ® team has vast experience in supporting business process design, custom application development, integration and training, delivering solutions in both integrated and standalone application environments. Whatever the needs of a particular client, Advantica Stoner’s product portfolio provides a valuable framework for collaborative teamwork, supporting cross-department decision-making and enabling clients to achieve their business goals. Advantica Stoner is a division of Advantica. See www.advanticastoner.com for more information.

About Energy United

EnergyUnited, a fast-growing organization that provides utility services to a quarter of a million North Carolinians, is the third-largest provider of electricity to residential customers in North Carolina. In addition to electricity and propane, EnergyUnited offers a group of specialized services for businesses and a wide range of specialized residential products and services through its HomeVantage brand. For more information, visit www.energyunited.com.

About CES International

CES International is a global supplier of real-time software solutions for distribution utilities. CES’ flagship product, the Centricity operations resource management (ORM) system, optimizes distribution-network operations and reliability, dramatically increasing customer-service capabilities.

The Centricity information infrastructure enables the safe and efficient integration of emerging power technologies with traditional distribution networks.

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