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Industry report: RTOs update

Recent FERC policy developments, such as the proposed Standard Market Design and the proposal to allow additional percentage points on a utility’s return on equity when it participates in a regional transmission organization (RTO), may spark speedier RTO formation. EL&P looks at the who, what and where of RTOs.

Electric & Gas Trading: Traders roundtable

From post-Enron up to now, power trading’s condition has been listed as critical. Is there hope, or is the declaration of death pending? Power trading, as once defined and executed, may be beyond resuscitation.

However, new models are evolving, which hold promise of recovery for this crucial part of the wholesale market. We’ll talk with the experts about new players, new operations-and trading’s prognosis.

Finance: Building an energy portfolio

The time is right for staking a claim for generation assets, and we’ll tell you how. With 100,000 MW of generation assets predicted to be financially distressed this year, there will undoubtedly be defaults and turning over of assets to the financing banks.

Sales at 25 to 40 cents on the dollar are likely on assets originally financed with 75 percent debt.

Information technology/customer systems: Data security

Comprehensive security infrastructure must secure end-to- end transactions between user communities and transaction systems or network services and prevent network penetration. EL&P reveals who should be concerned and how to assess a system’s security.

Generation: Renewables

Clean energy technologies (photovoltaics, wind, fuel cells) are predicted by some to grow by nearly an order of magnitude – from just under $10 billion today to $89 billion by 2012- offering significant economic opportunities for companies, investors, and governments pursuing clean energy goals. EL&P looks at venture capital investment trends and what the future may hold for these technologies.

Transmission & distribution: Regulatory overview

EL&P provides an easy-to-understand, comprehensive summary of FERC’s recently proposed regulations and also highlights selected state filings, including jurisdictional struggles.

Power Pointers: Primer on water treatment technology and power generation

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