ConEd engineer quickens repair time for power lines

New York, NY, Feb. 28, 2008 — The Edison Power Research Institute (EPRI) is honoring Con Edison employee Christopher Jones, department manager for Bronx/Westchester Engineering, for creating a software application called “Reactance to Fault,” which decreases the time to locate a problem on a feeder and, if an outage occurs, reduces the time that customers are without electricity.

Feeders are circuits, the lifelines of the electric distribution system that carry electricity from a substation to customers. They consist of cable, fuses, transformers, network protectors, breakers and relays.

Used primarily by the company’s electric control rooms, Jones’ invention increases the reliability and efficiency of the system by locating a fault — or a problem — on a feeder more quickly than older methods. His system measures the electrical impedance to the fault, which pinpoints its location, saving precious time to make repairs and restore electricity to customers.

Jones, a seven-year company veteran and a Manhattan resident, has been selected by EPRI’s Power Delivery & Utilization (PDU) sector as its recipient of the 2007 PDU Technology Transfer Award — an individual award for leadership and vision in the research, development, and implementation of the fault location system. Jones’ application integrates EPRI’s PQView software with Con Edison’s circuit analysis and feeder mapping system.

Jones’ “Reactance to Fault” is one of Con Edison patents pending application to be filed in 2008.

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