Consortium in front-running for the Independent System Administrator of SeTrans RTO

May 9, 2002 — A consortium formed by the Marketplace Company Development Ltd (M-co), NordPool Consulting (NPC) and LECG has been short-listed for the Independent System Administrator (ISA) of the SeTrans Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).

The SeTrans RTO will be one of the United State’s largest, serving an area with over 73,000 megawatts of generation and operating around 53,000 miles of transmission assets.

“We are delighted to be considered for the ISA of the SeTrans RTO,” M-co Group Chief Executive and Chairman Philip Bradley said. “The M-co, NPC, LECG consortium offers two of the most competitive and cost effective power market operators in the world and one of the foremost advisory firms.

“As a group we have a wealth of experience across all the critical functions required to ensure the success of the ISA. Our goal will be to make the SeTrans RTO the most reliable and cost-effective RTO in the USA.”

M-co implemented the first LMP electricity market in the world, and has operated it without interruption since October 1996. M-co works closely with industries, governments, regulatory bodies and communities to design, build, implement and operate markets in complex commodities throughout the world, including in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South Africa and Europe.

M-co is presently developing and operating wholesale energy markets, retail competition markets, registries and sophisticated internet-based trading platforms. M-co recognises no two markets are the same and crafts each market concept and design solution to meet unique needs. M-co is wholly owned by the FirstRand Banking Group, within the 60 largest banks in the world.

NordPool Consulting
NordPool Consulting provides a core of highly experienced consultants whose services cover the project cycle from conceptual planning to implementation, including pre-investment and feasibility studies, planning and conceptual design, interface design, cost estimating, start-up and training.

NordPool Consulting is owned by: Nord Pool ASA, the world’s first international power exchange; Svenska Kraftnat, the Swedish National Power Grid Company; and Statnett SF, the Norwegian National Power Grid Company. In addition to its core staff NordPool Consulting also draws on the expertise and experience of its owners, which provides access to a pool of around 700 employees with invaluable experience in the restructure and operation of electricity markets and financial futures markets.

LECG, LLC is an economic consulting services firm that provides sophisticated economic and financial analysis, expert testimony, and litigation support to the world’s law firms, Fortune 500 companies, private and public sector industries, and government agencies. The company, headquartered in Emeryville, CA, has 17 offices on four continents, and employs approximately 500 people worldwide.

Supported by the latest software and a highly educated and professional staff, our experts are authorities in economics and finance, and include renowned academics, respected private industry leaders, and former senior level government officials. In the area of electricity industry reforms, LECG’s experts are at the forefront advising market participants and policymakers on the design and implementation of market institutions, market rules, pricing approaches and testifying on all aspects of competition and regulatory policy.

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