Custom Electronics launches division for military, renewable energy applications

Oneonta, N.Y., April 12, 2010 — Custom Electronics, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-reliability electronics products, launched a division specializing in the manufacture of bus bars, bus bar assemblies and integrated energy storage solutions.


CEI has manufactured single conductor bus bars and multi-layer bus bar assemblies for select customers for a number of years and is now offering its bus bar design and manufacturing services commercially for the first time.


CEI’s bus bar division will build upon the company’s 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-voltage assemblies and mica paper capacitors for the military, aerospace and commercial markets.

CEI’s quality assurance systems are AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000 certified.


The new bus bar division will manufacture custom bus bars, bus bar assemblies and complete energy storage solutions according to customer specifications.


As an option, engineers from CEI can assist customers during the design process to ensure quality, reliability and desired electrical performance goals are achieved.

Bus bars are an essential part of most systems intended to generate, harvest, condition, store and use energy. CEI’s bus bar products are intended for use in applications that include: industrial motor drives, distribution switchgear, military weapons systems and numerous electric train and heavy equipment applications.

CEI bus bar assemblies enable users to lower system volume, reduce electrical stress on expensive components and improve system reliability, all while reducing the overall assembly and lifecycle-support costs of electrical systems.


The CEI bus bar division will offer customer design assistance, short run and low-to-high volume production, electrical and environmental testing, and component installation.


Custom Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures high-quality, high-reliability electronics products. Since 1964, the company has addressed the global needs of the military, commercial/industrial, renewable energy, aerospace and oil exploration markets.


CEI’s  solutions include mica paper and specialty film capacitors; electronic modules, specializing in high-voltage assembly and encapsulation; and bus bar products. CEI is the parent company of Ioxus, Inc., an emerging manufacturer of ultracapacitors and pseudo-ultracapacitors, and is headquartered in Oneonta, N.Y.



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