Darktrace enters into cybersecurity partnership with Siemens

Cybersecurity firm Darktrace and Siemens entered into a strategic partnership to bring cyber defense for operational technology to electric utilities and the oil and gas industry.

With Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System and Siemens’ domain OT security expertise, the partnership will enable customers to enhance their agility in detecting and responding to cyber-attacks.

As these sectors become increasingly digital to achieve revenue and efficiency gains, there is a corresponding need to identify cyber-threats at their earliest stages – going beyond compliance regulations to secure operations. Utilities and oil and gas organizations must defend their entire networks, including all OT, against persistent and highly sophisticated cyber-threats without disrupting business processes.

Leveraging advances in machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System platform can detect and remediate in-progress cyber-threats at their nascent stages. By learning the “pattern of life” for every network, device, and user across both OT and IT networks, the AI algorithms can identify and automatically take action against emerging attacks that other tools consistently miss, all in real time.

“As energy infrastructure becomes increasingly data-driven, it is critical for operators to quickly detect and disrupt cyber-threats,” commented Aymeric Sarrazin, Senior Vice President, Controls and Digitalization at Siemens Power Generation Services. “Through this strategic collaboration, Siemens and Darktrace will give customers actionable insights and intelligence to be faster in identifying and neutralizing those threats, protecting critical assets from harmful and costly attacks.”

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