Delta big data management platform aims to stop energy theft

Electric, gas, and water utilities have a new way to perform analysis of the massive amounts of data on their networks. Delta Energy & Communications’ Intelligent Distribution Analytic Platform (DEC-iDAP) correlates, analyzes and visualizes varied, multi-system data sources from a network and provides utilities with visualizations and alerts to draw attention to critical issues in real-time.

By providing real-time data in a geospatial view of the utility’s assets on one easy-to-read map, DEC-iDAP provides operational efficiency and reliability.

Deployed as a SaaS platform and globally accessible from desktop PC’s or mobile devices, Delta’s DEC-iDAP enables utilities to see all of this data on one platform and take action in real time. With this platform, utilities can assign custom alerts to their analysis methods, eliminating the need to check each data set when a problem occurs, and preventing problems before they occur.

The iDM module further enhances AMI, SCADA, Distribution Automation and Optimization applications. Delta’s Intelligent Meter Monitoring module automatically discovers non-technical loss locations. Analysis and optimization of assets at grid end-points and distributed energy-producing resources also contribute to help meeting operational and financial goals.

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