DVI wins patent for conservation voltage reduction using AMI

Dominion Voltage Inc. (DVI), a Dominion company, has been awarded a patent for its Edge technology that enables electric utilities to plan, manage and validate voltage conservation for grid optimization.

The title of the patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is “Voltage Conservation Using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Substation Centralized Voltage Control.”

The industry standard permits voltage to be delivered at a range from 114 volts to 126 volts, with the center point at 120 volts. DVI‘s Edge platform enables the utility to optimize the voltage delivered to the customer towards the lower end, while still complying with customer equipment performance requirements.

For the consumer, Edge can result in reducing the customer’s electric bill by 3-5 percent with no change in the customer’s behavior, compared with savings of 1-1½ percent through traditional voltage conservation programs. Additionally, with DVI’s platform, the reduced voltage levels at the customer’s residence or business result in less stress on electric and electronic equipment and less waste heat, which is expected to lengthen the equipment’s lifespan.

For electric utilities, DVI’s platform is designed to enable them to realize savings through voltage conservation by reducing their fuel and purchased power costs. Edge provides the platform for increased, sustainable savings. Edge Planner works with existing system planning tools and processes to make the Conservation Voltage Reduction business case circuit by circuit. Edge Manager has been designed to integrate into existing distribution control systems, enabling utilities to improve their voltage controls without changing or disrupting their existing processes or systems. Edge Validator calculates actual savings from Edge or any other demand-side programs.

DVI is a provider of grid optimization technology providing solutions for energy efficiency, demand response and volt/VAR control. DVI’s patented approach plans, manages and validates utilities’ investments in grid modernization while delivering significant energy savings to both utilities and their customers.

DVI is a unit of Dominion (NYSE: D), one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of about 27,400 MW of generation.


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