e-Acumen launches detailed data and analysis about future power generation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 7, 2001 – e-Acumen, Inc. has launched PowerViewà¢â€ž-, a combination of expected generation databases and research reports that provide the equivalent of asset valuation consulting services for every region of the continental U.S.

With highly detailed information on new generating capacity and expert evaluations of supply, demand and market conditions over the next five years, PowerView provides essential and highly accurate support for plant development activities at a wide range of energy companies.

“Because of our extensive work in asset valuation consulting,” states Sandra Ringelstetter Ennis, Executive VP of Asset Valuation at e-Acumen, “we have been compiling highly detailed information about proposed new generation. The accuracy of this data has not been available before in a commercial product. Beyond that, we are applying a high level of expertise to the base case capacity assessments and reserve margin forecasts, which are critical for assessing the long-term revenue potential of power plants.”

Asset valuation is an essential part of the process of developing, acquiring or divesting power plants. The ability to project future revenues from a plant requires extensive and detailed analysis of other generation scheduled to be built in a region. Because development decisions involve very large sums of money – sometimes in the billions of dollars – the accuracy of the analysis is viewed by the owner or proposed owner and lending institutions as critical.

While other products exist for providing new generation data, PowerView is directly derived from asset valuation activities. The detail and accuracy of PowerView databases have been tested by the rigors of actual consulting and financing projects in which the data are used as an input into sophisticated revenue forecasting models. In addition, PowerView includes expert assessments of base case capacity, a probability factor of plant completion, which in turn is a factor in the reserve margin forecasts that are provided in the associated reports.

PowerView databases are provided online in annual subscriptions and are updated daily. PowerView reports are updated quarterly and include information on supply and demand balance, transmission infrastructure, market structure, fuel availability, and state restructuring activities. For Eastern regions, five-year price forecasts will be available shortly.

In addition to standalone use in development activities, PowerView can be an add-on to e-Acumen’s AcuPower, giving AcuPower users a highly accurate picture of future generation for modeling supply and demand in the longer-term timeframes required for structured trading.


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