Efacec ACS to deliver outage management system to city of Griffin, Georgia

The city of Griffin, Georgia chose Efacec ACS to provide its PRISM real-time outage management system (OMS).

The selection brings Griffin an outage management solution built on a real-time SCADA platform, allowing it to handle data faster and more efficiently than traditional methods — a vital feature in outage and emergency scenarios.

The PRISM Real-Time OMS will also improve procedures and tracking capabilities, and incorporate mapping and visualization tools to meet the complex needs of utility outage management. The utility will benefit from the combination of outage tickets, switching, and tagging on the same map, for single-view efficiency.

The OMS solution includes DASmap, a distribution network editing tool that enables a common source model and database to be used for SCADA, DMS and OMS functions. DASmap imports and creates the electrical feeder network from the GIS, digitizes and edits the network displays, performs network tracing and builds and colorizes the Network Topology Model.


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