Efacec Group sells its largest electrical transformer to date

March 20, 2012, Norcross, Ga. — Efacec Group’s U.S. Operations won an order for its largest electrical transformer to date. The Efacec Power Transformer, Inc. facility in Rincon, Ga. will manufacture a 900 MVA generator step-up shell transformer.

The transformer unit was ordered by one of the largest investor-owned electric utilities in the South for delivery in March 2013.

GSU transformers are used to increase the voltage of electricity that generators produce to the appropriate levels for transmission to areas serving consumers. The 900 MVA unit is capable of supplying power to about 18,000 households.

Since opening less than two years ago, Efacec’s plant in Rincon, Ga. delivered the first U.S.-made shell power transformer in more than 20 years.

Late last year, it delivered the first “disassociated phases” transformer; this means it was able to be transported in four pieces to overcome transportation restrictions. The 700 MVA shell unit was the largest made in the U.S. until this most recent order. The factory manufactures and designs transformers using both core and shell technologies.

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