eMeter adds cloud capability to analytics software

eMeter, a Siemens business unit, made available cloud capability for its EnergyIP Analytics. eMeter Cloud Analytics will provide power and water utilities immediate access to actionable dashboards that reduces the costs and empowers utilities to advance operational excellence with a data driven approach.

eMeter Cloud Analytics provides utilities of all sizes a solution for data analytics without purchasing hardware and software licenses, hiring additional IT team members, and adding application support staff.

This cloud-based offering increases customers’ flexibility and scalability to handle peak computing and storage needs. By providing a view of the entire network through data analytics, distributors can decrease inefficiencies and prevent costly outages.

Data is stored in the cloud and maintained by eMeter, while analysts at the utility have the ability to run analysis for a variety of business use cases such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) health, equipment load management, outage analysis, event analysis, revenue protection and load monitoring. By giving customers access to data related to their power and water use, utilities can engage with their customers and educate them on consumption, helping reduce demand and hit regulatory targets. 

Utilities will also have access to eMeter and Siemens experts to solve their most complex analytics questions. In addition, utilities can leverage the value of existing assets which helps them to better manage demand. The offering is available as an add-on application for current or potential customers regardless of the AMI or Meter Data Management (MDM) system they use.

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