Endesa’s investment jumps 26% in generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Spain

NEW YORK, March 19, 2002 — ENDESA’s total investments in generation and distribution facilities in the Spanish electricity system in 2001 amounted to Euro 1.17 billion (USD 1.04 billion), an increase of 26.8% on the previous year.

Of this amount, Euro 555 million (USD 494 million), 48.6% more than in 2000, were in generation facilities, especially the four CCGT plants that are currently being built.

Three of them, of 400 MW each, are on the mainland: San Roque (Cadiz), to be commissioned before May 30th; Besos (Barcelona), to be commissioned before June 30th, and Tarragona, to be commissioned in August 2003. The fourth one, Son Reus I (Majorca), of 228 MW, has three gas turbines in operation for a total 158 MW and is pending the incorporation of a 70 MW gas turbine, which will start operations this year.

Investments in distribution: Euro 616 million (USD 548 million)

In transmission and distribution networks, ENDESA invested Euro 616 million (USD 548 million) in 2001, an increase of 12% against 2000.

A third of this amount went to the coverage of the increase in demand in the year (4.8% growth in energy sold and the connection of 260,000 new customers).

The remaining amount went to improve the service quality and processes.

As a result of the above investments, in 2001 the total length of ENDESA’s lines was increased by more than 8,000 km, of which 184 Km. were high voltage, 4,859 Km. mid-voltage and 3,041 Km. low voltage. 10 new substations were built as were as more than 3,500 transforming centres from medium to low voltage.

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