Entergy Mississippi proposes 230-kV transmission lines, substation

Entergy Mississippi is seeking Mississippi regulators’ approval to acquire, expand, build, operate, own and maintain two 230-kV transmission lines to serve a new 230/13.8-kV substation, along with certain components of the substation necessary to provide electric service to a new industrial customer in Hinds County, Miss.

As noted in the company’s petition for a certificate of public convenience and necessity filed on Aug. 22 with the Mississippi Public Service Commission, the commission in February issued an order approving an application by Entergy Mississippi for approval of agreements for electric service for the new industrial customer, Continental Tire of the Americas, within Entergy Mississippi’s certificated service area in Hinds County.

In the February order, the PSC found that the terms of service requested by the customer required additional investment by Entergy Mississippi in transmission and related facilities, and further found that the facilities requested by the industrial customer were necessary to serve the customer, were in the public interest, and were required for the public convenience and necessity.

The Aug. 22 petition seeks a certificate for the acquisition, construction and operation of the transmission and related facilities that the PSC found were necessary in that February order, the company added.

The industrial customer is in the process of building a manufacturing facility in Hinds County, Entergy Mississippi said, adding that construction of the facility is planned to begin in late 2017.

Of the proposed electrical facilities, the company noted that the high voltage side of the 230/13.8-kV substation would be built and owned by Entergy Mississippi, while the low voltage side of the substation would be built and owned by Continental. Entergy Mississippi also said that it would perform all engineering and construction for the 230-kV substation high voltage side, including building a 230-kV through bus, a control house, and two 230-kV breakers.

The company noted that it would build the two new 1.94 mile — 3.88 total circuit miles — transmission line sections in a common 170′ right of way (ROW) to the new substation site from a point on the existing Clinton Industrial to Tinnin Road 230-kV transmission line section.

The company added that the total estimated cost of the proposed electrical facilities is about $8.1 million.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017, and the project has an estimated in-service date of April 2019, the company said.

The cost of the proposed facilities would be included in Entergy Mississippi’s rate base, the company said, adding that the revenues to be collected from Continental under the agreements for electric service would not initially offset the revenue requirement associated with the facility, but over time the revenues collected from Continental are expected to offset and eventually exceed the cost of service for the facility.

Among other things, the company said that it requests a waiver of, and permission for deviation from certain requirements, to allow the company not to file with the petition a complete set of plans and specifications for the proposed facilities, but rather to make such a complete set of plans available, upon request to PSC staff when such plans and specifications are completed and thereby available.

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