Training opens new opportunities for returned veterans.


Commonwealth Edison Co. implements system to train and prepare veterans to re-enter the work force. Re-employment plans treat the return of veterans as an opportunity, rather than a problem. Procedures are simple. Trained counselor service supplements educational program. Job training is suited to need and capabilities of the individual. Follow-up on progress is thorough.


Aerial mapping predetermines transmission routes.

Aerial mapping

Revolutionizing the field of aerial surveying, photogrammetry measures distances and elevations on the ground from high-altitude, aerial photography. Using a Multiplex machine, surveyors can assess distances and elevations accurately to determine the best paths for transmission lines.


Man’s heart: Will electricity keep it ticking longer?

Man's heart

With continued research, combating ventricular fibrillation fatalities in electrical shock cases could decrease. A common problem among shocked linemen, a fibrillating heart has no pumping action and to be saved, a man must be reached in less than four minutes by a field defibrillating device, similar to the 3-foot-high, 120-kV defibrillator pictured here at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.


PG&E Natural Gas Fleet

PG&E Natural Gas Flee

Manifold connections fuel 20 trucks overnight.

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